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The newsletter began in 1973 and is published quarterly.

You can download some recent newsletters as PDF. Or you can view the contents of all newsletters since 1999, with links with many to many of their articles in full.

Articles or letters or comments from members are always welcome.

Latest newsletter: issue 155 (2021 Autumn)


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Hundreds of past newsletter articles online in full

Jim Nagel

Newsletter 150 came out in autumn 2018. To celebrate the milestone, around 400 articles (so far) from the past 25 years of newsletters are now online in full here on the Glastonbury Conservation Society website.

See the Table of Contents, which gives a complete list of everything published in all newsletters since 1999. Articles that are online in full are linked — click to go straight to that article.

You’ll find that in many cases the photo that was originally published black-and-white back then is online now in full colour. The text, however, is pretty well unchanged from what was printed at the time, and a line at the top of the page clearly indicates the date of original publication.

Some cross-references have been added so that you can jump to related articles in other newsletter issues.

Overall, the website has had a behind-the-scenes technical makeover to make it visually clean and consistent and fast to load.

If you have the original printed newsletters, the Table of Contents shows you the relevant page number for each article.

And what about the newsletters from before 1999? Well, either they exist only on paper or as computer files archived on cartridges from a device no longer in use. They too will appear online after a lot of re-typing or cyber-archaeology.

More articles will be republished online as time permits.