Reprinted from Newsletter 90, dated 1999 February

Chairman’s notes

John Brunsdon

New year’s greetings — the last of the millennium*. It hardly seems like 25 years since I took over the chairmanship of the society.

Inevitably members retire from the committee and we are grateful to Brian Dicketts for his coordination work for footpath clearance and the Milestones rights-of-way schemes. Elizabeth Knight has agreed to continue this footpath work for us. The Glastonbury-based advanced training unit will, we hope, get busy on our county paths this summer, so please report any problems with stiles etc that you know about.

Please let your committee know what activities you would like the society to undertake. Do the lectures interest you? Some members do not come at all — would they come to a different kind of meeting? We can try almost anything, but there needs to be support.

* Well, second-last if you reckon that two thousand years aren’t up till the end of the 2000th year! —Ed.