Reprinted from Newsletter 90, dated 1999 February

Hartlake cycle bridge is re-cycled

Jim Nagel

The new bicycle bridge crossing the Hartlake River alongside the A39 Wells road is not new — “It has done a lot of miles,” said Alex Sully, the cycling officer at county hall.

It was part of a bridge bought second-hand by the county council some years ago to do temporary service at various construction sites, and WS Atkins staff (most of them formerly with the Somerset highways department) refurbished it for new two-wheel duty. It was swung into place in mid-January.

The route between Glastonbury and Wells stems from planning for the relief roads in the two towns — it was planned before Sustrans’ 8,000-mile national cycle network, of which it is now part. Just past the new bridge the route turns right and follows Long Drove to Launcherley, avoiding A39 traffic [and arrives in Wells near where the Morrison supermarket now stands —Ed].

A set of nine sculptured stone seats to be placed along the Glastonbury–Wells pilgrimage route as “sound waymarkers” was unveiled by Bishop Jim Thompson in November. By artists Barry Cooper and Laurence Parnell, each sculpture has a tuned bell that can be sounded by the flick of a finger.

An opening ceremony will be held when works are complete in spring.