Reprinted from Newsletter 90, dated 1999 February

1000 trees for Tree Week

Ian Rands

Four men work in a field planting trees.
A kestrel hovered above the valiant volunteer diggers at Parbrook.

We actually started two days early, but this was only because, with volunteers and the weather to take into account, one cannot work when one chooses. Tree Week is one of those new European weeks of ten days (from November 18 to December 6). We could work on only nine days.

However, with a lot of hard work by a dedicated band, we did plant our thousand trees, and finished in time for a late lunch on the Sunday. We call the site Kestrel Wood. It is owned by the Whites of Parbrook. On most occasions when we were there, there was a kestrel hovering above us for some of the time.

The turf was thick, but the soil a firm loam — not like some of last winter’s sites. We got into a good swing and on some days managed to put in 180 trees.

I must mention the diggers, without whom these projects would be completely impossible: Derek Hankins, John Brunsdon, Iris Goodby, Mat Golledge, Su Barnet, Christopher White, Adrian Pearse, Oliver Frost, Janet Morland, Tom and Simon from Australia, Keith Matthews, Karen Schlutter from Holland, Joe Keers, Alan Fear, Richard Raynsford, George Steer senior, Mick Battye, Ian Rands.

We were not all there on every occasion, and we do need some more diggers and providers. There must be more people who would like to join us. Please come forward.