Reprinted from Newsletter 95, dated 2000 April–May

Opening to the new millennium: the Dod Lane kissing-gate

Ian Rands

A group of people are crowded at a metal kissing gate. A plaque is attached to the gate. A dog sits in front of the gate. To the left of the gate is a stone wall, and to the right is a larger metal swinging gate. In the background are fields, bushes, and trees.

Queuing up for a millennium kiss. From left: John Brunsdon, Richard Bowditch and mayor Edward James. Next layer: Graham and Alan Slocombe, who own the Bushy Coombe field. Rear: Sue (Mrs Alan), Sheila Petherbridge (Mendip’s rights-of-way officer) and Ian Rands. Seated, apparently the first through: Flora (John’s pup).

Following a suggestion by Alan Levett, the committee decided to pay for the installation of a kissing gate at the bottom of Bushy Coombe, to match the one at the top end of the public footpath.

Paul Bannell of General Engineering, who had repaired the top gate for us several years ago, made it and, with the help of George Steer, installed it.

A plaque to mark the occasion was obviously required, and this was cast by Richard Bowditch of Mendip Alloys at Dulcote. It says:

Presented to the town by the Glastonbury Conservation Society in the year 2000

And it was formally presented to the mayor by our chairman at midday on March 27. We believe that it is a worthy millennium project. Please go and have a look at it.