Reprinted from Newsletter 100, dated 2001 August–September

Trees walk with the Woodland Trust: come along on October 21

Seen from the top of a grassy hill, a man wearing a suit is standing next to a young tree. He is facing it and reaching through a wooden protective enclosure to touch it. In the distance the town and surrounding countryside can be seen.

Alan Fear with a newly planted lime above Bushy Coombe.

The Woodland Trust is encouraging organizations throughout Great Britain to take an interest in trees, and suggests that societies like ours should organize a walk. Its “Walk for Woodlands” seeks to bring to people’s attention the importance of keeping their remaining strips and patches of ancient woodland. So far some 90 groups have arranged walks. Ours will be in the autumn.

A few months ago we gave our support to the purchasing of Loxley Wood, out by Ashcott. We donated £500, and the Woodland Trust, with further subscriptions from similar organizations, was able to buy the wood and will now protect it from developers.

We propose to meet at 2:30 on October 21, a Sunday, at the kissing-gate in Dod Lane, walk up Bushy Coombe, past the two small-leaved limes, along the side of the Bulwarks Lane orchard and up to Maidencroft Lane.

Then turn right into Paradise Lane and follow the oak row down to Gog and Magog. From there go north over Wick gully to the Paddington Trust copse, uphill through Ian Tucker’s oaks, past the beech row to Bulwarks Lane and back through both the kissing-gates.

Please join us. The walk is about four miles, but shortcuts can be arranged at various points.