Reprinted from Newsletter 103, dated 2002 April

David Morgan reviews his time as Abbey custodian

John Brunsdon

A mostly-bald man with dark remaining hair towards the back of his head looks to the right of the camera. He wears aviator-style glasses which have a neck cord attached. He is wearing a collared shirt, tie, and jacket, though we can't see below his neck.
David Morgan is retiring as Abbey custodian.

David Morgan talked to a large and appreciative audience on March 15 about “my time at the Abbey”. He came to Glastonbury following a successful career with the Gurkhas to spend a very different seven years both in the Abbey and promoting wider tourism in the town. He recounted a number of amusing incidents involving visitors.

Much has in fact happened during his custodianship. A new duckpond has been dug and stocked with large fish from the old pond, which has been dredged and restocked with a greater variety of fish. Repairs have been ongoing to the ruins, and part of the Abbey wall along Bere Lane had an expensive rebuild following badger damage.

The grounds have been used for several performances of a summer Classical Extravaganza, which has been much enjoyed. Recently an underground power cable has been laid, which will enable more unobtrusive use of electricity.

Altogether it has been a very successful time, and we thank David sincerely for his contribution to Glastonbury and wish him well.