Reprinted from Newsletter 103, dated 2002 April

Chairman’s notes: retirements, A361 traffic, CCTV

John Brunsdon

A mostly-bald man with dark remaining hair towards the back of his head looks to the right of the camera. He wears aviator-style glasses which have a neck cord attached. He is wearing a collared shirt, tie, and jacket, though we can't see below his neck.
David Morgan.

Sadly, it seems, all good things come to an end. David Morgan, OBE, is leaving his post as Abbey custodian. His tenure has been a period of progress and excellent relationship with the town. He has served on the executive committee of the Chamber of Trade as well.

Likewise, Ted Aggar retires as town clerk. He came to us as a Freeman of the City of London and retired senior police inspector, and we have been served with integrity and excellent advice. It speaks oceans that his assistant, Jane Czerni, trained by him, is the choice to take over.

Frank Dunster, our loyal and highly regarded cemetery groundsman, also retires. Letters of commendation have regularly appeared in the local papers and the Burial Board has awarded him a tankard in recognition. His will be a hard act to follow.

All three schools in the town now have new head teachers, and St John’s Church gets a new vicar on July 31, the first woman in the post. We look forward to a new era of fresh ideas and experience.

Sadly, we are left with some of the longstanding problems, the foremost being heavy A361 traffic continuing to be routed along Coursing Batch and Chilkwell Street. Along with others I represent strongly on your behalf. I understand new measures may include further speed restrictions and a speed camera.

Closed-circuit television cameras are imminent for the High Street and carparks, and new control measures on road traffic near the Tor likewise. None of these measures will work perfectly without adequate police presence — especially with the resumption of the pop festival.

National Trust Tor appeal

Your committee agreed to donate £250 to the Tor appeal. Have you donated yet? Gifts are still needed to match-fund the Heritage Lottery award. Contact the chairman (83 1283) or Martin Blake (83 3726) for more details.

Gift Aid declaration

Members who pay income tax are asked to fill in the Gift Aid form and return it to the treasurer if they have not already done so. This is a painless and worthwhile way of increasing our income: the Inland Revenue will hand over to the society the tax you have already paid on the amount of your subscription.