Reprinted from Newsletter 103, dated 2002 April

Harry Collyer dies at 92

We have lost a well-known character who was the local representative for the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. He also served on the Antiquarian Society committee but never joined our society. He was a test driver for Fiats and drove them up to his death.

An undoubted eccentric, Harry Collyer championed many local causes — some more deserving than others, but making us all think a bit harder in consequence. He took great care in the restoration of Barnside, his listed residence at 2 Chilkwell Street, between the Abbey Barn and the Rifleman’s Arms pub. He claimed it was used as a hostel by masons working on the mediaeval Abbey.

Our thoughts are with his wife, Daphne, the daughter of the Abbey custodian during the war.