Reprinted from Newsletter 114, dated 2005 February

Glass bridge over the Abbey crypt

In the interior of some ornate ancient stone ruins, a modern bridge spans from the left wall to the right, one storey above the stone floor. The bottom floor's walls are much rougher stone and less decorated than what is above. On the bridge stand six people.

Standing on the new bridge are its architect Alan Thomas, Janice White (town councillor), Lady Gass (Lord Lieutenant of Somerset), the Revd Maxine Marsh (vicar of Glastonbury), Matthew Clements (Abbey custodian) and John Brunsdon (an Abbey trustee). [Photo by David Titchener]

A new glass-and-stainless-steel bridge across the Lady Chapel crypt in the Abbey was opened by Lady Gass, the Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset, on February 9.

Details of the vaulting can now be seen, for the new bridge goes straight across the crypt rather than hugging its walls like the old wooden one, which dates from about 1975. The new glass bridge has a wider section in the middle where visitors can stop and contemplate the view without blocking pedestrians behind them.

The new bridge cost about £45,000, funded by a bequest.

Conservation work on the Abbey's main south pier is almost complete, and scaffolding will come down soon.

New Friends group to visit French twin abbey

Friends of Glastonbury Abbey, launched on February 13 with Lady Gass as president, plans an August trip to the twinned abbey at Maillezais in France.

Two French visitors attended the launch in the town hall.

The stated aims of the Friends group is to promote understanding, use and involvement of the Abbey within the community and further afield. Its programme will include events, talks and special excursions such as the one to the Vendée region of France in August.