Reprinted from Newsletter 121, dated 2006 December

A trainload arrives for the 2006 annual meeting

Janet Morland

Attendance was excellent at the 2006 annual general meeting of Glastonbury Conservation Society, on December 1 at St Mary’s church hall — numbers were bolstered by railway enthusiasts of all ages who came to see films of our old Somerset & Dorset Railway by John Coles shown after the meeting.

The chairman gave his report of the year and then read notes from Ian Rands, who was unable to attend.

Officers and committee were re-elected to continue to serve. (During 2006, Roger Forsey was co-opted onto the committee. Anthony Ward resigned in November.)

A table titled “Accounts for year ending July 31”, by Dennis Allen. In the “income” column it describes opening balances totalling £8218.84, most of which is in a building society. It shows income from subscriptions, donations, trees, a footpath grant, bank interest, and a bank refund, totalling £7861.91, most of which is from trees. In the “expenditure” column are rows for Civic Trust, hall hire, secretary expenses, Terry Carmen expenses, newsletters, postage, trees, strimmer, and tax, totalling £7347.75, the majority of which was on trees. The closing balances total £8733.00, most of which is in the building society. The two columns balance.

The treasurer’s report was agreed.

A donation of nearly £300 has been received to be used specifically for tree and hedge projects on the Tor. Many thanks for this generosity! The National Trust’s current stewardship scheme comes up for renewal in 2008, when new projects will be included. We shall propose a reinstatement of old hedgelines in “Carters Field” off Basketfield Lane to recreate the mediaeval field pattern currently marked by old banks and ditches.

And under “any other business”: