Reprinted from Newsletter 121, dated 2006 December

Cathedral development project

John Brunsdon

The administrator of Wells Cathedral, John Roberts, gave a most competent illustrated talk to a rather depleted Antiquarian Society gathering at the library on December 8. Road closures for the Frost Fair probably did not help.

He stressed that the development was not just about providing a new restaurant in the Mary Mitchell garden (albeit on the footprint of an old building). It was about much more: the provision of choristers’ rooms, a meeting room and new toilets for a start.

Furthermore, areas of the cathedral at present never seen by the public will be open to all, and the cloisters will again be a complete unobstructed walkway. To enable this to happen, a blocked doorway will reopen and unworthy modern buildings will be removed.

Much money has to be raised for this project. Unlike other countries where the state owns and funds cathedrals, our cathedrals have to fund themselves. Recent surveys show how our cathedrals are attracting increasing numbers for both worship and admiration.

More information is [no longer] on the cathedral website.