Reprinted from Newsletter 122, dated 2007 May

It’s a treat to put your feet on the street

Jim Nagel

A passageway with an arched ceiling and with cobblestones underfoot. It leads to an outdoor courtyard, and a market-type stall is visible in the clearing near a person with in colourful clothing. At the rear is an open door with a sign above reading “assembly rooms”. The sides of the passageway have doors, and the left side is painted yellow and blue. A potted plant is visible in the foreground.

Fine new paving leading to her shop next to the Assembly Rooms is thanks largely to Ruth Morland of Glastonbury Galleries. [Photo by Jim Nagel]

What an improvement to the alley leading off the High Street to the Assembly Rooms, splendidly cobbled! Thanks is due from the whole town to Ruth Morland of Glastonbury Galleries (out of sight to the left), the landowner, who funded most of the £8,500 job. And then she added new planting tubs.

Contributions came from others who share access: the Assembly Rooms, Emma Howe the clairvoyant, the flat above Bishopston Trading, and Ricky Bologna, owner of the Yin-Yang shop, who lives in Spain. The work was done by Lee Pearson (LP Surfaces) of Walton, using Chelsea Pavers stone.

O that Church Path could be next, from the High Street to Norbins Road, where hundreds of schoolchildren and parents walk four times a day on dreary multi-patched asphalt. Whatever happened to Mendip’s plan to continue the attractively paved footpath from St Benedict’s School through all the carparks right up to the Wells Road surgery? This is all within, or on the boundary of, the Conservation Area.