Reprinted from Newsletter 122, dated 2007 May

Death of Vic Jones, macebearer, Bere Lane chronicler

John Brunsdon

A man smiles at the camera. He wears navy and gold robes and a bicorne hat, and carries a metal staff.

In later life Vic Jones became macebearer to Glastonbury town council.

With the passing of Vic Jones this winter, Glastonbury has lost a great character. Born in Snowdonia, he arrived in the town during the war and became more “Glastonbury” than many Glastonians.

He was especially knowledgeable about Bere Lane, from when it was still a lane and before it became a national A-road. He wrote about the characters who lived in the lane and the many activities that took place, and the grand elm trees at Abbey Farm across the road.

A Dunkirk and Normandy veteran, he was a standard-bearer of the British Legion, collecting thousands of pounds each year for the Poppy Appeal. He was devoted to Beryl, the local girl he married, and worked most of his life at Morlands, serving in its fire brigade.

Latterly he was appointed macebearer to the town council, which greatly pleased him.

He “adopted” neighbours’ dogs for regular walks and always kept a bowl of water at his gate in Bere Lane covered by a slate.

In the early days of the Conservation Society, when planting trees in St John’s carpark, it was Vic who operated the pneumatic drill to break up the asphalt — and the quiet of a Sunday morning! He continued delivering newsletters to the end of his life, apologizing for their being “a little late” as he had not been very well.

Goodbye, Vic. Thank you. And we will miss you a lot!