Reprinted from Newsletter 128, dated 2009 April

Boyhood in Glastonbury (letter)

Roger Lord

Dear sir—As a schoolboy, born in 1934, I was lucky enough to spend all my holidays in Glastonbury, staying with my Aunt Eva and Uncle Lou Day at 44 Manor House Road (which I can see on Google Earth!). They were very happy days, enjoying the countryside and making friends with the local boys who lived nearby. Names I recall were the Cox family, the Squires family and Peter Rogers.

One other young man was always called “the boy Fussel”. He delivered the milk for Cullen’s dairy, by pony and cart. The pony’s name was Kitty; she knew the round by heart and would stop at every door. Mr Cullen opened an ice-cream parlour. His dairy farm was near the red phonebox at the top of Manor House Road, and he was a VIP in my aunt’s eyes. His daughter Pamela, about my age, served in the shop. She was exceptionally pretty, as I recall.

Bruce Chivers used to take me on rounds in his post van. That was between 1946 and 1950.

I am trying to trace my aunt and uncle and their son Gordon, who would be aged 75–80 now. He worked at the sawmill for a time. Uncle Lou (Walter Louis Day) was a bellringer at St John’s, and I would appreciate any information that you may possess.

I never met my grandparents on my mother’s side. He was called Henry Thomas Rogers, and I also know my grandmother (born Mary Ann Osmond) is buried in Glastonbury cemetery.

Roger Lord
21 Lakeside View
Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 6RN