Reprinted from Newsletter 128, dated 2009 April

Chairman’s notes: good design; local listing; Wick trees

John Brunsdon

Good architectural design is all-important in our new buildings, especially at the entrances to the town. After a regrettable planning decision about the Avalon Tyres site in Street Road, it is heartening to read of the commitment by Avalon Plastics to high standards at a prominent Morland site. The application has gone to Mendip planning.

The same company filed a planning application for a new Tesco store on the site of the present plastic factory in Beckery New Road. Car parking is planned underneath the store, which is raised above the floodplain. If floodwaters were ever to rise seriously, no doubt merchandise would remain high and dry, and shoppers could moor underneath in boats. (Tongue in cheek.)

Meanwhile in George Street the old Imco plastic factory — latterly a tool-hire shop — was demolished at the start of April to make way for housing.

Local listing

The conservation area in Glastonbury needs an appraisal and statement urgently. Mendip’s planning department can manage only two such appraisals a year; Street recently benefited. Boundaries can be adjusted to safeguard against unsuitable redevelopment in the future and include existing buildings worthy of “local listing”.

Neill Bonham agreed to undertake the management of local listing in Glastonbury, and the town council approves. Paul Branson will assist him, and they will look for help from members.

Wick trees

Congratulations to Paddington Farm Trust for the recent planting of hedges and 500 trees at Wick. We assisted in a small way — thanks to those who helped with the planting.


Geoff Brunt has decided to step back from day-to-day management of the Clark Trust and Millfield conservation sites on the Poldens, though he still plays a very active role. Geoff is a longstanding member of our society, and we helped in the start of the project.


Town councillors recently did a litter-pick on Wearyall Hill. And Bushy Coombe is to get a new bin for dog litter.