Reprinted from Newsletter 128, dated 2009 April

Light on the path: lamp restored at Methodist gate

Martyn Webb

A lamp in an ornate iron enclosure is set at the peak of an iron arch mounted over a gateway. A sign on the left says “Methodist church”.

Photo by Martyn Webb

The wrought-iron lantern and supporting arch at Glastonbury Methodist Church in Lambrook Street have been restored, thanks to a generous grant from the Conservation Society.

The work was undertaken by Darren Frisby (DWF Metalcraft). The lantern, arch and gates were the only ironwork to survive the Second World War. The fence up the path was taken to help the war effort.

This work was part of the Access project by the church, to make a ramped path to the front entrance. The lighting was improved and added to, and the lantern was rewired.

A new noticeboard (left) has also been added to the bank over the fountain.

This fountain (not in photo) has interesting and unusual carvings in its stonework. We are hoping that Bristol Water, which owns the fountain and the reservoir behind it, will do some restoration work in the summer.