Reprinted from Newsletter 128, dated 2009 April

Inching along at the Morland site

Jim Nagel

A two-dimensional drawing of a modern-looking building as seen from the side. Much of the ground floor is empty space, and the drawing shows that it would be used for parking. The Tesco logo is visible on the building's exterior.

The proposed Tesco-on-stilts at Wirral Park, as it would appear from Street Road. The architect (Saunders Partnership, Bristol) shows aluminium glaze and larch timber for the outside walls and windcatchers and skylights on the roof. The site already has planning permission for 2,000 sq metres of food sales. This plan totals 5,000m², which includes non-food sales, a cafe and warehousing. Compare the present Morrison store, about 1,700m².

A three-dimensional drawing of the Glastonbury landscape. The tor and hills are visible on the right, and a large retail store is near the centre, between some roads.

Avalon Plastics would be the first new building on the Morland site. The sketch shows a 5,000-square-metre factory — a big plant — at the site’s main entrance. (The brightest traffic signals in Somerset, on their 15 bendy poles, are not shown.) Behind it, left, is the proposed Tesco where the present plastics factory stands. Cyril Driver moved Imco (= injection moulding co) to Somerset from London during the war; it became Avalon Plastics in 2003.