Reprinted from Newsletter 129, dated 2009 August

Heritage transforms into a Co-op store

Jim Nagel

Heritage Fine Foods in the High Street will become a Co-op store overnight on August 20, but its two dozen staff will be unchanged except for new uniforms.

Peter Trinder began the business in 1986. At first he used the name Nisa, after his supplier, Northern Independent Supermarkets Association, and renamed it Heritage in 1996 after Mendip’s shopfront scheme helped to transform the brutal exterior of the 1960s building.

Radstock Co-op had apparently been eyeing the shop for some while, and when Mr Trinder wanted to retire the Co-op made an offer he couldn’t refuse. The Glastonbury store will be the ninth in a group owned by Radstock Co-op.

“Radstock is a local society, and that’s what attracted me,” Mr Trinder said. “They’re ethical, and they’ll look after the staff.”